Your Travel Data Partner in Sri Lanka

Enjoy unlimited data any time anywhere while you travel in Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka Best WiFi Pocket rentals

Avoid Roaming Charges –   Enjoy Unlimited High Speed Internet – One Device for many

Due to COVID 19 restrictions - We are not accepting Orders until further notice. Sorry about the inconvenience.  

12th March 2020

Your Travel
Data Partner
Sri Lanka

Free Phone Sri Lanka

* One Week (7 days) US$ 40.00

* Two Weeks (14 days) US$ 60.00

* Three Weeks (21 days) US$ 80.00

* One Month (30 days) US$ 100.00

You'll get
* Unlimited High Speed Internet
* Handy Mini Pocket Wifi Router
* Portable Power Bank for additional power.
* All necessary accessories.

We prefer online payments. But we have the option of pay by cash on delivery. You can pay when we hand over the WIFI pack at the air port.  After your order confirmation, we will send the invoice by email. We accept the payment in Sri Lankan Rupees. You can exchange money from the airport arrival terminal. Please Select the COD option from the Payment Page for the arrangments. Thank You
Mr. Jon Westwood, Your Wifi pack is ready to handover @ Arrival Lounge- Flight:EK650:08:25 on 06-Nov-2019 || Ms. Jennifer, Your Wifi pack is ready to handover @ Arrival Lounge - Flight:UL226:0455 on 05-Nov-2019 || Ms. Erica Ping, Your Wifi pack is ready to handover @ Arrival Lounge - Flight:FZ557:0050 on 07-Nov-2019 || Mr. James Adner, Your Wifi pack is ready to handover @ Arrival Lounge - Flight:UL307:11:05 on 13-Nov-2019 || Mr. Kerstin Andres, Your Wifi pack is ready to handover @ Arrival Lounge - Flight:QR664:0920 on 19-Nov-2019 || Ms. Sarah Abela , Your Wifi pack is ready to handover @ Arrival Lounge - Flight:TK730 :1515 on 17-Nov-2019

Simple Solution

Once turn it on, then within seconds you can be surfing the internet on several devices simultaneously, Great Coverage as long as there is network coverage in the destination, you will be able to access the internet. No APN settings, words with any devices: Smartphones, Tablet, Laptops, you name it, it works.

Hazzle Free

Once you make the online order we’ll make all the necessary arrangement to hand over the pocket wifi to you at your arrival in the airport & drop at your departure. No any contracts, documentations, just enjoy high speed unlimited data while you are in Sri Lanka

Free Phone Sri Lanka

Our Charges

  • One Week (7 days) US$ 40.00
  • Two Weeks (14 days) US$ 60.00
  • Three Weeks (21 days) US$ 80.00
  • One Month (30 days) US$ 100.00
Mini Pocket Wifi Router
Portable Power Bank

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions about Our WiFi Rental Service)

When Can I receive the WiFi device the day after I sign up?

After order confirmation, We get your arrival flight detail to place our company representative at arrival lounge  of Sri Lanka Airport.  Our agent will stay with your name board to hand over the pocket wifi router.

How can I return the router?

You can leave it at your last staying hotel reception where we can collect it from our courier services.

Courier Delivery :Just call or whatsapp us to arrange a return courier when you are back from your trip

I have a smart phone that works abroad, but can I use it?

Yes, you can use it if your device is capable of connecting to WiFi. If you want to use your device as a telephone, you may use it with a telephone app.

Do I have to pay additional payments?

No, All included in the rental.

Will transmission fees be applied?

No, they will not. We will not charge you based on usage as it’s already included in the rental fees.

Do I need to sign a separate contract with a provider?

No, you do not. 

When Will you refund my deposit.

You are lucky, deposit is Waved Off for 2019

The Best Travel Companion

We assure you the best service all the time. Visit Sri Lanka & have a wonderful holiday.

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